Rackets time

Playing on a tennis court, in a gym, by the beach, in the sports center, in the playground, in a garden or even on a table at home, we can

Jumps with 2nd grade

During the 2n term, students from 2nd grade, have been practising different ways to jump. We jumped with our feet together, inside a bag, using a trampoline or from a table, among others. At the end, we became professional jumpers.

We have made a video to show you some activities we did.

Badminton with 4th grade

Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 4th grade have been working badminton. On the one hand with this sport, we could improve our reflexes and coordination. On the other hand, we could work different physical education content like space and time or objected management, among others.

Physical Education with 1st Grade

Along the second term the 1st graders continued improving the balance control through different activities (games, circuits…). After that, we worked on the content: jumps, turns and movements. We performed many activities and exercises in order to improve our abilities. We jumped, turned and moved in endless and original ways. We enjoyed it!

P.E. at home

Com molt bé sabeu tots, és molt important mantenir el nostre cos actiu durant aquests dies. La pràctica regular d’exercici millora el nostre benestar físic, mental i social. És per això, que des de l’àrea d’educació física us volem proposar uns reptes que us mantindran actius durant el confinament. Són reptes senzills, de curta durada i que no necessiten gaire material.

Basketball with 5th grade

During this 2nd term, students from 5th grade have been working on Basketball. We started practicing how to dribble a basketball. Then, in groups, they prepared a basketball challenge to train different skills and finally, we did a match to put into practice all we had learnt.

Body expression in physical education

Along this 2nd term, students from 2nd grade to 5th grade, have been working on their body expression. We want to show you the final result of each activity they did.
– Human mandalas and basket beat with 5th grade
– Rythm with P.E. equipment and draw with our body with 4th grade
– Dance with 3rd grade
– Puppets, mime and shadows with 2nd grade

Physical Education with 3rd Grade

Paris and Bats worked really hard during the first term. We started learning and revising new English vocabulary about movement: walk, run, crawl, jump, hop, roll, slide, etc. Then we learned that with jump rope we can improve motor coordination, speed, agility, reflexes, resistance, strength, etc… During this unit, we invented 6 different levels of difficulty, and we had to try to achieve all of them: