Volleyball CUP: education in competition!

So here we show you some pictures of the Volleyball Cup we did this very January in our school with the two groups of 6th grade. There were three teams in each class, so six in total, and we did a competition between the two classes after the training time and the friendly games. We enjoyed playing volleyball while learning all the different drills (serve, dig, set, spike and block), rules, plays and strategies about this fun sport. 

We played volleyball as a way of learning how to be educated and competitive at the same time. Competition clearly leads us to improve not just physically but mentally and socially, to be fit, healthy, confident, so basically giving our best as a part of a team and sharing some beautiful time with other friends and classmates. For all these reasons, we can definitely say we all won at the end of it.

Now we all know how to play volley when we see volleyball nets by the beach or in any other place.