Physical Education with First Grade

During the first term the students of First Grade have been working on different contents. First of all, we have been discovering our body using English language (parts of the body, articulations, movements…). Then, we have played games related to laterality, identifying the left and the right side of our body. Finally we have worked on balance control, doing different balance exercises (walking on stilts, walking in different ways on the bench with a beanbag on the head…).

Physical Education: 1st Grade (3rd Term)

During the 3rd term, the Volcanos and the Clouds have been working different contents. One of them has been Rhythm and body expression, which included gestures, postures, rhythms, dramatization, dancing… in order to express feelings, things or ideas with our body; and the other one has been Time and space, which are two very important components of the movement that we have to take into account.

Entrevista a l’Albert Martín

Els nens de 3r A vam voler fer una petita entrevista al nou mestre d’Educació Física. Des que va arribar ens va agradar molt la seva manera de treballar i estem molt contents amb les seves classes.

Esperem que us agradi l’entrevista!

Physical Education with 1st Grade

During the 2nd term, the Volcanos and the Clouds continued working on the balance control. Then, we continued working on the content: jumps, turns and movements. This is a very important content, and we did many activities and exercices in order to improve our habilities and movements. Finally, we exerciced the throws and the catches: throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, and bouncing balls. We enjoyed it!

Physical education 6th grade

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Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 6th grade have been working two didactic units. The first one was “Volleyball”. In the first sessions we learnt some volleyball movements and we saw how to serve, how to receive and how to pass the ball, as well as the rules. Moreover,  kids worked in groups to create a volleyball game where they could put in practice some volleyball skill. Finally we did a final exam with volleyball vocabulary. The second session was “Alternative sports”, where we learnt what does it mean and we play a little with some of them in groups.

Physical education of 5th grade

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Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 5th grade have been working two amazing sports. One of them is Basketball and the other one is Handball. In both of them they worked in groups to pass different skills proofs that provided them a next grade of know-how related to this sport. At the end of each content we did a match to put into practice all we had learnt.

Physical education 4th grade

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Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 4th grade have been working two contents. In one hand Badminton, which is a sport that we can work a lot of physical education content with it. Content like space and time, objects management, motor skills… In the other hand we did ‘Rhythm and movement’, where our students of 4th grade had to create their own rhythm choreography. 

Physical education 3rd grade.

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Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 3rd grade have been working two important contents.  One of them is ‘Space and time’ (Espai i temps) and ‘Motor skills with mobiles’ (Habilitats motrius amb mòbils). The first one helps us to control everything we have around us, and manage with it. The second one of the most important content during the primary school because it is present along our lives. We are constantly moving objects from one side to another in our daily life, so the more we train that content, the more able we will be. 

Physical education 2nd grade

Hello everybody!

Along this 2nd term, boys and girls from 2nd grade have been working two really important content. One of them is ‘Jumps and turns’ (Salts i girs) and the second one is ‘Space and time’ (Espai i temps). Both contents help a lot to improve our daily movement and it is essential to star working it from the very beginning.

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5 – 2nd Term

During the second term, we have been following the same line, but we have introduced new materials and we have practised some new skills. Moreover, we could go to the gym to do a psychomotricity session.

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