Celebrem la fira Fam Zero

Després de diverses setmanes preparant-ho, el divendres vam sortir al carrer. Tots els nois i noies de l’escola han estat treballant entorn l’ODS 2. Recordeu els Objectius de Desenvolupament Sostenible?

Small actions with big impacts

Sílvia has been in Lisbon, Portugal, doing a course on environmental education. The aim of the course was to awaken the environmental awareness of teachers to act as facilitating agents

Erasmus+ in Tallinn

Last week, our teacher Natalia visited Kindluse School in Tallinn (Estonia). She visited the facilities, interviewed some of their teachers and introduced our own project to the teachers team. It



Ens visita el senyor Joan Cuevas

El director general d’innovació, currículum, digitalització i llengües, del Departament d’Educació, el senyor Joan Cuevas, va voler visitar-nos la setmana passada per comprovar la feina que fem a l’escola pel

Erasmus meeting

Meeting of the schools of the Erasmus+ ALASVO consortium in order to share the mobilities that have been done so far. Sílvia explained her experience in Portugal. Here you can

Our Erasmus+ mobilities

Fresh news from Mogent’s Erasmus!Now, you can see the Erasmus+ mobilities we have scheduled this year. Sílvia is in Lisbon this week doing an Erasmus program! We are waiting for

We have the lucky ones!

Last Monday, the draw was made for the students who will travel to Amsterdam to participate in the Erasmus+ programme. All 5th grade students were present and were able to