Mamma Mia, el musical de 6è

Finalment aquest curs vam poder acomiadar els nois i noies de 6è com toca, amb el ja tradicional musical de 6è!

Mamma Mia!, el musical d’ABBA, es va representar el divendres 18 de juny de 2021 al Centre Cultural de la Roca del Vallès, en sessió de matí pel públic més entregat de la Roca, els alumnes de 2n a 5è de l’escola, i en sessió de tarda pel públic més emocionat del poble, les famílies dels alumnes de 6è.

Àngles a P5-1r

Els nens i nenes de P5-1r hem treballat el conte “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”

Aprenem nou vocabulari en anglès dels animals i repassem els colors. En els següents vídeos us expliquem quin animal hem triat:


Les abelles ballen i s’amaguen al rusc

La classe de les abelles hem transformat una sessió de psicomotricitat en tot un espectacle.

Hem treballat la cançó en anglès “Here is the beehive”, l’hem cantat, l’hem ballat i fins i tot l’hem representat. En una sessió de psicomotricitat hem jugat amb caixes grans de cartró i en un dels moments hem decidit transformar les caixes en ruscs i posar la cançó que ja havíem treballat anteriorment. Mireu-ne el resultat, ens ho hem passat genial!

A very special Saint George’s day

This year we celebrated a special Saint George’s day because we were at home, but with the effort of everybody (students, families, teachers…), it was a great day!

We wanted to do a funny activity, so we decided to record videos showing the steps for doing 2 activities related to Saint George: drawing a rose and creating a dragon.

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5 – 2nd Term

Students of P4 and P5 performed many activities at psychomotricity class along this term. For example: practise different motor skills (coordination, balance control, walk, jump, walk, run, hop, slide, crawl…), identify and move the parts of our body, play and building with the material proposed in each session, play traditional games…

Psychomotricity with P3 – Second Term

Students of P3 performed many activities along this second term. We introduced new materials and practised different motor skills and coordination. Moreover, we could go to the playground to practise these habilities! We enjoyed a lot!

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English day 2020

This year our Mogent Channel showed a TV programme related to the topic of the school “The night“. The name of the programme was “ Dreams and Nightmares ”. 

6th graders presented the news and every section in the TV programme. Our zombies in 1st grade gave us some tips to sleep better and a trick to drive away bad monsters. 2nd graders went to the cinema, performed a horror film and some experts told us why children can’t see frightening images. 3rd graders performed a bedtime story about a cute spider who wanted  to become a family pet. 4th graders explained through different scenes why do we dream so big when we are awake. 5th graders solved some sleep disorders in their programme “The truth about sleep”, and students from P3 to P5 were in charge of the musical moments. The P3 students performed good habits we have to do before going to bed through the song “This is the way we go to bed”. The P4 students danced and performed the song “Big dreams” which talked about the dreams we have, while P5 students danced the scary but funny song “Skeleton dance”.