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Psychomotricity with P3 – 1st Term

During the first term, the Trolls and the Turtles have done two psychomotricity sessions a week in English, one with the whole group and the other in small group. We enjoyed it a lot!

Here is a collection of photographs of some of the activities we did:

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5 – 1st Term

Along this first term the students of P4 and P5 have done a session of two hours of psychomotricity a week in English. The groups have been made with students of the classes of P4 and P5 mixed. The sessions always have the same structure, and the proposals and the materials are changing depending on what we are working on.

Here is a collection of photographs of some of the activities done:

6th graders’ third term: the musical

During this term, 6th graders have been preparing their musical. The play was focused on the songs by Queen, and was called “We will rock you”. They started the project reading the script, understanding and learning it.

Psychomotricity with P3 – 3rd Term

During the Third Term the Orcas and the Rockets have been practising differents skills, using new materials and playing new games. We enjoyed a lot!

Here you can have a look at the photo gallery of each class…

5th graders’ third term

5th graders have worked really hard this term. They did many activities related to the last project of the school year (China) and to the reinforcement of their oral language skills. Here you can see some photos of them: creating the cover, playing an oral game related to summer, working in their project…

4th graders’ third term

In our school we think that one of the best way to learn is by playing. During the last term of the year, 4th graders played many games to learn or reinforce linguistic items. Here you can see some photos of them having fun while they learn English.

Enjoy your summer holiday and don’t forget to speak in English as much as you can!

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5 – 3rd Term

During the Third Term the Robots, the Mountains, the Dinosaurs and the Explorers have been practising differents skills, using new materials and playing new games. We could also go to the gym and the playground to do some psychomotricity session.

Physical Education: 1st Grade (3rd Term)

During the 3rd term, the Volcanos and the Clouds have been working different contents. One of them has been Rhythm and body expression, which included gestures, postures, rhythms, dramatization, dancing… in order to express feelings, things or ideas with our body; and the other one has been Time and space, which are two very important components of the movement that we have to take into account.

We Will Rock You, el musical de 6è

Finalment, els alumnes de 6è van estrenar l’obra de teatre musical que serveix per culminar el seu pas per l’escola. Aquest any ha estat el musical de Queen: We Will Rock You.

Ha estat un projecte interdisciplinar entre les àrees d’anglès i música, que ha comprès treball d’expressió oral, expressió corporal, interpretació teatral, dansa, cant i una bona dosi de treball en equip.

El musical va lluir meravellosament el passat divendres 14 de juny al Centre Cultural de la Roca on, els alumnes de l’escola al matí i les famílies dels actors a la tarda, van poder gaudir de la feina feta pels artistes de 6è.

Anem amb moto!

Les Orques, de P3, estem treballant el projecte de les motos, i hem après el significat i l’ús d’algunes senyals de trànsit, tant en català com en anglès.

Hem realitzat diferents activitats i jocs per anar-ho assolint i ho hem posat en pràctica!

Finger family song!

These days, the Dinosaurs and the Explorers have been learning vocabulary related to the family: daddy, mommy, brother, sister… We have made puppets of family members and we have sung The finger family song!

Teatre en anglès!

El dilluns passat, els alumnes de P3, P4 i P5 vam anar al gimnàs de l’escola a veure una obra de teatre en anglès. A l’espectacle, «The Sea», apareixien uns animals molt divertits que ens van fer cantar i ballar molt!

Ens ho vam passar d’allò més bé!

The flowers project with P3

During the 2nd and the 3rd term, the Rockets have been working on a part of the flowers project in English.  We have been learning new vocabulary related to the flowers (the name of some flowers, the colours…) by playing different games, interacting with the others…

We enjoyed a lot!

Physical Education with 1st Grade

During the 2nd term, the Volcanos and the Clouds continued working on the balance control. Then, we continued working on the content: jumps, turns and movements. This is a very important content, and we did many activities and exercices in order to improve our habilities and movements. Finally, we exerciced the throws and the catches: throwing, catching, kicking, hitting, and bouncing balls. We enjoyed it!

5th graders’ second term

During this term 5th graders have learnt about different Australian animals: where do they live, what do they eat, how to describe them… Their final creation was a leaflet describing one of these animals.