Physical Education with 3rd Grade

Paris and Bats worked really hard during the first term. We started learning and revising new English vocabulary about movement: walk, run, crawl, jump, hop, roll, slide, etc. Then we learned that with jump rope we can improve motor coordination, speed, agility, reflexes, resistance, strength, etc… During this unit, we invented 6 different levels of difficulty, and we had to try to achieve all of them:

Level 1 – BASIC ROPE JUMP: Soft, double bounce on balls of feet before rope turn jump. Keep those feet together.

Level 2 – BACKWARDS ROPE JUMP: Swing your rope backward over your body using a single or double bounce on feet to jump over the rope.

Level 3 – BELL JUMPER: Keeping feet together, pick a line or spot on the floor to jump over forward and backward while swinging your rope.

Level 4 – ROPE TURN HOPS: Jump using only your right or left leg.

Level 5 – ARM CRISS-CROSS: Basic rope jump while every other rope swing you cross your arm in the middle of the body. Try no to lift your arms while crossing them.

Level 6 – AROUND THE WORLD: Perform a basic rope jump while also gradually turning your body more degrees until you completely travel around the world.

We use @MrSpringPE resources.

In the video below you can see the jump rope levels that we created. We’ve also attached some photos we took during the first term. We hope you enjoy.