No malgastem l’aigua

Aquest any a l’hort hem posat un bidó per anar posant l’excedent d’aigua de les aules. De primer a sisè, com a activitat de sensibilització de la importància de l’aigua, recullen la que no s’aprofita. Cada vegada que obrim l’aixeta per rentar les mans, beure aigua, netejar pinzells… recollim en una safata l’aigua sobrant. Tota l’aigua recollida d’aquesta manera, la posem al bidó de l’hort, i aquesta serveix per regar-lo.

One, two, three game!

A few days ago P4 and P5 students were playing at One, two three game. While a student counted “One, two, three” looking the wall, the others had to move towards him, but when he turned to us, we couldn’t move, we had to be statues. If we moved, we had to go home. If someone touched his back, he had to catched us. It was very fun!

English Day

The topic of this year is Healthy Living. We have created a TV Channel and each level will perform a TV Program. During these days we have been working really hard to achieve the best performance. Can you wait to discover it? You will watch it soon…

Cooperative structures with P4 and P5

During a week, the robots, the mountains, the dinosaurs and the explorers have been building cooperative structures. First of all, we made groups of all the classes mixed. Then, we talked about what we wanted to build and we started to do it. Finally, we explained to the others what we had built and we played with all the structures.

Fem sacs d’olors

A la tardor ens trobem que a l’hort hi ha poca feina. Les males herbes no creixen gaire i gràcies a les pluges ens cal regar poc. Així doncs, aprofitant que tenim uns parterres de plantes remeieres, hem decidit fer uns sacs d’olors.

First Grade in Physical Education

During the first term the Volcanos and the Clouds did two sessions of Physical Education per week. We started learning and identifying the parts of the body and the articulations in English. Then we played some games related to laterality. We had to identify the left and the right side of the body. After that, we finished with balance. We did some balance exercices: walking in different ways on the bench with a bag on the head, using the stilts…

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5

During this first term, the students of P4 and P5 have done a session of two hours of psychomotricity a week in english. The groups have been made with students of the classes of P4 and P5 mixed. The sessions always have the same structure, and the proposals and the materials are changing depending on what we are working on.

Psychomotricity with P3

During this first term, the orcas and rockets have done two psychomotricity sessions a week in English, one with the whole group and the other with a small group.

Here is a collection of photographs of some of the activities we did:

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Iniciem l’hort

Amb l’arribada de la tardor hem començat a posar fil a l’agulla amb el nostre hort. Abans de res, hem netejat l’hort ja que durant l’estiu han anat creixent les males herbes. Seguidament, l’Esteve ens ha donat un cop de mà per preparar la terra tot removent-la i posant adob per enriquir-la.