Quina Castanyada més xula!

És un any diferent, i també ho són les festes… però que bé ens ho hem passat! El divendres 30 d’octubre, com cada any, vam celebrar la Castanyada a l’escola.

A very special Saint George’s day

This year we celebrated a special Saint George’s day because we were at home, but with the effort of everybody (students, families, teachers…), it was a great day!

We wanted to do a funny activity, so we decided to record videos showing the steps for doing 2 activities related to Saint George: drawing a rose and creating a dragon.

6th graders’ third term: the musical

During this term, 6th graders have been preparing their musical. The play was focused on the songs by Queen, and was called “We will rock you”. They started the project reading the script, understanding and learning it.

5th graders’ third term

5th graders have worked really hard this term. They did many activities related to the last project of the school year (China) and to the reinforcement of their oral language skills. Here you can see some photos of them: creating the cover, playing an oral game related to summer, working in their project…

4th graders’ third term

In our school we think that one of the best way to learn is by playing. During the last term of the year, 4th graders played many games to learn or reinforce linguistic items. Here you can see some photos of them having fun while they learn English.

Enjoy your summer holiday and don’t forget to speak in English as much as you can!

5th graders’ second term

During this term 5th graders have learnt about different Australian animals: where do they live, what do they eat, how to describe them… Their final creation was a leaflet describing one of these animals.

6th graders’ first term

During the 1st term 6th graders have been learning about some interesting facts related to Italy: population, main languages, famous monuments…

5th graders’ first term

During the 1st term 5th graders have been learning about some interesting facts related to our world: hemispheres, countries, continents…

4th graders’ first term

During the first term, 4th graders have been learning the name of the subjects. They played many games to learn them, and one was to put the flashcards in the blackboard, so everybody could see the pictures. Then, the teacher said the name of one, and the first one who thought that knew it, had to stand up, run to the blackboard and touch the correct picture of the subject.