6th graders’ third term: the musical

During this term, 6th graders have been preparing their musical. The play was focused on the songs by Queen, and was called “We will rock you”. They started the project reading the script, understanding and learning it.

Then, they practised the dances and the songs, and finally, the gestures and voice tone. They also recorded the songs in the school radio. They practised in the school and in the theatre of La Roca del Vallès.

It has been an important activity as it was the last theatre play in the school for them, and they had to speak in English, act, sing and dance. They also created all the scenery, they felt like artists!

They enjoyed it, they learnt English at the same time as they had fun. We really hope you liked it as much as we did!

We also want to thank to the families for all the support: helping the students to learn the script or the songs, creating the costumes or looking for and taking the material for the sceneries.

Enjoy your summer holiday, and don’t forget to speak in English as much as you can!