English day 2020

This year our Mogent Channel showed a TV programme related to the topic of the school “The night“. The name of the programme was “ Dreams and Nightmares ”. 

6th graders presented the news and every section in the TV programme. Our zombies in 1st grade gave us some tips to sleep better and a trick to drive away bad monsters. 2nd graders went to the cinema, performed a horror film and some experts told us why children can’t see frightening images. 3rd graders performed a bedtime story about a cute spider who wanted  to become a family pet. 4th graders explained through different scenes why do we dream so big when we are awake. 5th graders solved some sleep disorders in their programme “The truth about sleep”, and students from P3 to P5 were in charge of the musical moments. The P3 students performed good habits we have to do before going to bed through the song “This is the way we go to bed”. The P4 students danced and performed the song “Big dreams” which talked about the dreams we have, while P5 students danced the scary but funny song “Skeleton dance”.

The whole school was involved in a day of activities dedicated to practice the English language. We counted on volunteer students from the INS La Roca and University and also with families that played games, sang songs and told some funny stories. It was an enjoyable day!

Our English Day was on Wednesday but we did an activity from Monday to Friday, during the playground, called “I have a dream”. The students could go to the technology class and write or draw a dream on a card. After that they had to cut the card on a cloud shape and record the dream in front of the chroma. They had a great time!

Let’s have a look on the photo gallery and watch the video!