Discovering the 1950s!

During this thirst term students of 6th grade have been learning about the 1950s. We have carried out different lessons related to Geography, History, Art, Music, Drama, Mathematics and, of course, English!

  • In History, we have learnt how the culture in the 1950’s was. In small groups, students have created projects related to the advertisements, the family structure, the schools or the wars and the conflicts that occurred during this period.
  • In Geography, we have situated some important countries, including our own countries in a World Map. Afterwards, we have compared the map in the 1950’s and the map nowadays using the comparatives and the superlatives.
  • Global Warming: We have dedicated a class to talk about this issue. Thanks to this topic, we have had the chance to discuss about the pollution effect or the Greenhouse Gases in our world.
  • In Maths we have been doing hyphotesis about how far is our country from the country where the film was set (in United States). It is quite far!
  • Related to English subject, we have used this language as a communicative language. Furthermore, we have dedicated a lesson to describe ourselves and our classmates.
  • In Music class not only have we learnt the songs of Grease Film, but also we have talked about the important musicians during the 1950’s period and the most popular styles.
  • Finally, in Drama classes we will be playing Grease Film.

Here you can find some videos about two projects that have been done in History. The first project presentation is about the food in the 1950s and it has been done by Isaac, Dayeska, Enid and Xavi. We hope that you enjoy the video!

In this second video you can watch the students of 6è A. They have done a presentation about the advertisements in the 1950s and the differences between the publicity during that period and nowadays. This oral presentation has been carried out by Lídia, Jana, Arnau and Júlia. They have done a great work!

What’s more! We have dressed up as if we were in the 1950s. Here you can see some images of the students! It really seemed as if we were in the 1950!