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We love speaking!

Sometimes quite students really do have a lot to say to a monster!

We Love speaking because we can communicate and express our ideas, and know our partners’ feelings as well.

The preschoolers’ English Day 2019

During some weeks we were preparing English Day. This year was about the topic “Keep Healthy”. The Orcas and the Rockets focused on doing exercise, moving legs and arms; the Robots and the Mountains focused on some healthy advices; and finally, the Dinosaurs and the Explorers focused on the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse recycle) in order to take care of the planet.

Our English Day 2019

This year our Mogent Channel showed different TV Programmes related to the topic “Keep Healthy”. The different grades performed a TV programme about taking care of yourself and your planet: with healthy advices, doing exercise, promoting the recycling, protecting the environment…

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One, two, three game!

A few days ago P4 and P5 students were playing at One, two three game. While a student counted “One, two, three” looking the wall, the others had to move towards him, but when he turned to us, we couldn’t move, we had to be statues. If we moved, we had to go home. If someone touched his back, he had to catched us. It was very fun!

English Day

The topic of this year is Healthy Living. We have created a TV Channel and each level will perform a TV Program. During these days we have been working really hard to achieve the best performance. Can you wait to discover it? You will watch it soon…

Cooperative structures with P4 and P5

During a week, the robots, the mountains, the dinosaurs and the explorers have been building cooperative structures. First of all, we made groups of all the classes mixed. Then, we talked about what we wanted to build and we started to do it. Finally, we explained to the others what we had built and we played with all the structures.

6th graders’ first term

During the 1st term 6th graders have been learning about some interesting facts related to Italy: population, main languages, famous monuments…

5th graders’ first term

During the 1st term 5th graders have been learning about some interesting facts related to our world: hemispheres, countries, continents…

4th graders’ first term

During the first term, 4th graders have been learning the name of the subjects. They played many games to learn them, and one was to put the flashcards in the blackboard, so everybody could see the pictures. Then, the teacher said the name of one, and the first one who thought that knew it, had to stand up, run to the blackboard and touch the correct picture of the subject.

Psychomotricity with P4 and P5

During this first term, the students of P4 and P5 have done a session of two hours of psychomotricity a week in english. The groups have been made with students of the classes of P4 and P5 mixed. The sessions always have the same structure, and the proposals and the materials are changing depending on what we are working on.

Peppermint Stick poem

First, second and third graders learnt a beautiful poem during the “corners 123” lessons.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Psychomotricity with P3

During this first term, the orcas and rockets have done two psychomotricity sessions a week in English, one with the whole group and the other with a small group.

Here is a collection of photographs of some of the activities we did:

Everywhere you go always take the weather with you!

Learning through movement is a magical recipe for active educational experiences. We acted out types of weather through yoga poses. Could you match the definition with the photo?

Hey, that’s my montser!


Giving activities before, during and after listening means that learners are not just listening but are engaged in the task, and actually doing something with what they hear.